Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who Makes the Call?

I am a rabid football fan who like every other fan occasionally has a thing or two to say about the officiating, especially when my beloved Patriots are wronged. Seems as if the refs never hear me through the tv so I decided one Sunday that I simply had to call CBS and tell them that from the comfort of my own home, with hi-def tv I know the officials got that call wrong. The solution of course is to wait until the end of the game and then correct the call and disqualify one of the teams and then take away their paycheck for the day. Get real. Like that will ever happen...wait a does happen in golf and no one knows better than Padraig Harrington about the sting of the penalty...DQ'd and no paycheck. All because technology has made it possible for viewers to see what the human eye can not. And the powers that be in the golf rule kingdom allow Joe Slicer to affect the outcome of the tournaments and the lively hood of these professionals.

It is time for the Royal & Ancient, the USGA and all tours to take a stand about this living room officiating and to change the antiquated rule of disqualification for a player returning an incorrect scorecard as a result of information that comes in after the round has been completed. Not fair.

Golfers as a whole have been way above average in self policing themselves on rules infractions. Countless penalties have been called by the players themselves. They have a respect for the game of golf and their fellow competitors.

Can you imagine Wes Welker saying to the official " Oh no, it was my push off that caused the contact. It wasn't pass interference at all." That is not going to happen nor is it the nature of team sports. In that arena the officials on site can and do influence the outcome of games...not the fans.

Please let the golfers continue to be their own officials and if the naked eye can not see a rules infraction then hi-def tv should not be allowed to influence the outcome of this honorable game.

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