Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LPGA T&CP Education Is Going Global

The LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals are expanding their National Education opportunities to now become International. With 42 LPGA Tour Members, Korea is a perfect choice to host and Seoul will be the first site for this global LPGA education...and yours truly will be on the first team to travel to Korea in May of 2012!

PGA Master Professional Jay Na will serve as the Approved Education Provider for the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) membership in South Korea. In this role, Na will help to schedule, promote and conduct LPGA Teaching and Club Professional education and certification programs throughout the country.

Na, a PGA Golf Professional since 1999, has already been tutoring Korean LPGA applicants for several years. His philosophy of instruction and belief that every student has his or her own unique way of swinging the club aligns well with the LPGA’s student centered approach to teaching.

LPGA T&CP Professionals achieve certification by completing a multi-year series of educational programs. They must first pass a Playing Ability Test (PAT) to ensure that they are qualified to play and teach the game of golf. After passing the PAT, LPGA Professionals go through three levels of education and testing in order to obtain Class A membership status.

I have been involved with various aspects of the LPGA's education since 1996, and to now see it go Global is quite amazing. To say the least it is very exciting news and I am honored to have been selected to participate in such a new and wonderful expansion for the LPGA T&CP.

안녕...That's Goodbye in Korean...better get learning!

Keep Swinging!