Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life Happens

Where does the time go? Seriously, it was almost three years ago that I made my last post. So what created this void in my musings? Life happened.

Right after that last post in June of '08 I had little oops on my motorcycle. Nothing life threatening however it did bump me off of the blog express. After months of rehab ( Thank you Brianna Lackenby of Cape Cod Rehabilitation) I found that there were many other items on my "to do list" that always seemed to be more important than making an entry here. My bad.

It's all about having discipline. I could certainly improve in this department and I am going to do my best to improve starting today. Another beginning.

So much has changed since 2008. Was Facebook and Twitter even around then? Perhaps in their infancy, yet those are some new (to me) social media items that I am dipping my toe into at this time as well. Technology can be such a friend as long as we do not become so entrenched that we forget to stop and swing the golf club. Balance people...balance.

In the world of golf who would have predicted back in 2008 that Tiger would have fallen so far; that Lorena would loose her competitive spirit and that golf course closures would surpass course openings. It's a new world.

Lot's to discuss in future postings. For now, I'm glad to be back, excited to be learning about new communication tools and look forward to practicing discipline and balance.

Keep Swinging!


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